DigitalAVM is a professional level multi-track, non-linear editing and sequencing, music creation studio with many instruments and equipment for professional-level music creation. Bands and musicians have created music here and music has been created for corporate clients and film and commercial projects. the DigitalAVM philosophy is "Creative Engineering"

DigitalAVM has A Few Musical Instruments

‚Äčalready setup and ready to record

Basses and Amps

Acoustic and Electronic Drums

Your AVProfessional is Rafael and with over 30 years of experience in musicianship, he is a professional level Drummer, Guitar player, and Bass player. In the early days of digital music, Rafael was instrumental in assisting many professional musicians and enthusiasts in developing digital music creation and recording capabilities by building sequencing and recording computers and then integrating and interconnecting digital instruments.

Guitars and Amps

Creating the

Digital Music Environment